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About Us

Who we are?

We are RDPL, Indonesian digital laboratory (based in Bandung, West Java) with massive interest in branding, design, technology and digital communication since 2009. We’re passionate on what we do and we love helping brands reach their goals through many forms: creative design, website, microsite, social media, search engine marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, viral video ad, digital campaign, digital PR, or online marketing.

We want to help you stand out from the crowd, not be a part of it, and do so with a team of experienced, hands-on marketing professionals that want to deliver you a unique and creative solution with the best ROI.

How we work?

RDPL will undertake your project with the main objective of improving your business or brands professional image and elevating the status and success of your organization. RDPL understands that every client’s branding and marketing needs are different and will create a fully customized, highly effective branding and marketing solution that does wonders for your business or brand. Speak to our expert branding consultants today to find out how we can boost your brand!

At RDPL we understand the importance of conducting comprehensive research into your business, your brand, your target audience, the industry you operate in and the potential customers you wish to attract. By performing in-depth research into your area of expertise, we can highlight key areas of interest and develop a hard-working, highly targeted brand image! At RDPL, we get it right the first time, thanks to professional market research.

We believe in working alongside our clients, rather than for them, and undertake personal discussions with you to find the best solution to your business branding needs. It’s your business, your brand and your dreams of success. We simply turn these dreams into a reality! By listening to our clients wishes, objectives and needs, RDPL can deliver a personalized, highly effective branding and marketing solution that will more than exceed your expectations.

RDPL are recognized world-wide for their eye-catching, attention-grabbing and highly effective branding solutions that leaves your audience with a lasting and positive memory of your organization. We will present to you, an amazing, and awe-inspiring visual branding concept that we believe will leave you in no doubt that RDPL is the best in the business. Our highly talented, awarding winning graphic and visual designers at RDPL will come up with breath-taking concepts that will certainly take your business to the next level!

RDPL will present your freshly branded business, product, service or organization, to not only your existing shareholders and customers, but to a huge global audience as well! We help businesses that want to expand their world-wide appeal and interact with potential customers on a global scale. In the past, RDPL has helped hundreds of small boutique brands become world-wide icons! Contact RDPL today to make your brand famous!

People Talk About Us

In the many faces of branding and digital activity, from website, microsite, social media, search engine marketing, viral video ad, digital campaign, digital PR, to online marketing, RDPL has worked together with:


Affordable Branding Services

RDPL offers the most competitive rates for branding and marketing in Indonesia with world-class branding professionals!

Locally Owned & Operated

At RDPL, we understand the local audience in Indonesia, helping you attract customers close to you!

Custom Interactive Design

We are the graphic & web design specialists, creating eye-catching & effective customized interactive design services.

Bespoke Business Branding

We create an entirely unique & individual brand image for your business, service or product.

Highly Effective Marketing

We help your brand stand out from the crowd, helping you climb to the top of your industry.

International Appeal

We can make your business or brand famous worldwide!

Our Clients

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